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Assisted BDD Using Natural Language Processing

In the Agile Development world, BDD (Behaviour-Driven-Development) has taken the front seat. The BDD approach solves the most critical problem that is often faced between business and development teams - common communication paradigm.

Cucumber framework allows the communication between the development and stakeholders to be extremely focused because it ties the business needs directly to the code that is written. The user stories are mapped to the validation scenarios and allows more visibility.

But most importantly, for automated testing, Cucumber framework allows easy and auto implementation of test cases and code skeletons from the stories. The code skeletons can then be implemented by designers to complete the test automation.

However, Mathias Soeken , Robert Wille and Rolf Drechsler from the Institute of Computer Science, University of Bremen Group of Computer Architecture, D-28359 Bremen, Germany have proposed the next step in their paper in which BDD is assisted by Natural Language Processing to not only generate code skeleton for testing but also code skeleton for the application based on the various Natural Language Processing methods, some derived from the UML approach.

Looks like the next generation of application development approach...A really interesting read indeed.

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