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RENSHII is a technology consulting firm that provides a wide range of services and solutions to help clients achieve their most important goals

Our specialist teams have significant industry and operational experience in focused functional areas, employing a multi-disciplinary approach benefiting our valued partners by ensuring a committed, unified and consistent effort that produces excellent results


Crypto Testing

Our team has the experience of dealing with real-world crypto applications

We enable our partners to focus on their product functionality and markets while we take care of the product quality by leveraging our vast test case repository and automation framework


  • Excellent Crypto Knowledge: Our highly specialized team of crypto testers ensure an effective process for quality assurance

  • Risk-Based Testing: From Pre-Release through Integration Testing and core Functional Testing, our team is involved in each project stage to mitigate risks

  • Robust Testing Strategy:  We consider the full test strategy plan involving Use Cases Maps, Test Execution and Result Verification as well as methodology to conduct standard and specialized testing of crypto based applications and data.

  • Insight Utilization:  We employ extensive metrics and reporting to assist in making better release decisions.


Quality Assurance Testing & Automation

Honed by years of experience our advanced methodologies deliver the security and consistency


With deep testing experience across many enterprise functions we have specialist testers devoted to financial services, providing unmatched expertise in all areas including test planning and management, data validation, functional and quantitative analysis testing, load testing and engineering, security penetration testing, automated testing and test environment management


Full Stack Development

Our specialized team has knowledge in all stages of software development

  • Server, network, and hosting environment

  • Relational and nonrelational databases

  • How to interact with APIs and the external world

  • User interface and user experience

  • Quality assurance

  • Security concerns throughout the program

  • Understanding customer and business needs



We assist organizations to integrate their development and operations enterprises through the adoption of cloud-based technologies that streamline and automate process workloads


A more efficient, secure and flexible organization that can easily adapt to changing market demands results through the employment of continuous integration, continuous deployment, and reusable workload processes


Outsourcing Strategy & Management

We craft outsourcing strategies that combine top class talent with flexibility to reward our partners with lower costs, increased efficiency, and the opportunity to launch on a global scale


Our outsourcing solutions are a perfect fit for companies looking to streamline their business processes, cope with fluctuating demand or react quickly to take advantage of sudden opportunities while concentrating capital resources on their core functions

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